Wednesday, March 13, 2019

February Goal Review & March Goals

Wow - it's essentially halfway through March already!  I had a great February, albeit a busy, busy month with a trip to Utah for work, but I managed to get two ski days in the mountains in, followed by a three day vacation in Quebec with friends for more skiing, and then I wrapped up last week with a couple of days of skiing with my mom!  The weather was atrocious for most of February when I was at home, but the skiing days managed to be absolutely glorious!!  In between all of this, I've been ski patrolling as well on the weekends.

With all this busy-ness, I am currently feeling a bit overwhelmed with things, both at home and at work.  When I get stressed, I find that cleaning and decluttering helps me reframe myself.  I start this by writing a list of things I need to tackle - it makes me feel much more organized and better about things.  So in that frame of mind, here's my March goals update!

February's goals were:

Sewing & Quilting

  1. Finish Warm Winter Sudoku wardrobe - this is almost finished.  I have one more blouse  I want to make (the Sew Over It Pussy Bow blouse), and possibly one more jacket, though I can sub this out for an existing cardigan.  I have been wearing the completed items and absolutely love them!
  2. Plan the next capsule wardrobe - this one will be an athletic wear wardrobe I have done this, but need to review and finalize it.  I'd love to post my plans on this and hopefully, I'll have some time to do this soon!
  3. Finish Baby Girl F's (my granddaughter!) Mermaid Quilt and crib sheets Done!  Baby Girl is going to be born tomorrow via c-section, so I'm really pleased that I got these items done before she arrived!
Knitting & Spinning
  1. Finish M'Agatha sweater - this would be perfect to coordinate as an extra with my Warm Winter Sudoku Wardrobe! Nope, not yet.
  2. Finish the orange baby sweater for Baby Girl F  I've picked this up again today so this will be carried over to March's goals.
  3. Finish the last pair of 2018 socks Done!
  4. Start Monkey Socks - nope, I haven't done this at all.  I totally got sidetracked by some other projects, both long languishing WIPs and new projects.
  5. Knit a pair of socks for my grandson, Deklan nope.
  6. Finish Deklan's Toronto Maple Leafs sweater nope.
  7. Sew together Augusta cardigan and finish!  This would also coordinate really well with my Warm Winter Sudoku Wardrobe! nope.
  8. Spin 15 minutes a day (when I'm not travelling) I wouldn't say I accomplished this goal, but I have made more time for spinning this past month.  I find it very meditative and am in the midst of a very enjoyable sweater spin.  I've also realized how lovely it is to knit with your own handspun and would love to knit with my current spin!

    1. Finish current Bruno, Chief of Police, Book #2 by Martin Walker - I am absolutely loving these easy to read novels about Bruno, a former solider turned police chief in St. Denis, France.  
    2. Start & finish Bruno, Chief of Police, Book #3 by Martin Walker
    3. Start Bruno, Chief of Police, Book #4 by Martin Walker Done!  These were so easy to read and absolutely lovely with lots of descriptions of French daily life.  I've turned my mom onto this series as well and she's enjoying reading these books as much as I am!
    4. Finish 9 Minutes on Monday by James Robbins I'm still reading this one.  I don't want to zoom through it but rather would like to read it and absorb the lessons to be learned.
    5. Choose the next business/self-help book to read I've chosen The 5 Minute Rule by Mel Robbins.
    1. Continue cycling training program.  This includes cycling four-five days per week (I'm currently using a pretty plain-Jane stationary bike I bought in mid-December).  I'm finding the biking really boring, but try to make it more exciting by using the time to catch up on video podcasts.  I'm loving how strong I'm already starting to feel. I've fallen a bit off the bandwagon with this.  But, it's for no other reason than I've been skiing an incredible amount which is also working my leg muscles.
    2. Aim to be in bed by 10 pm, lights out by 10:30 pm I'm pleased to report that I have pretty consistently been paying attention to my body and giving it the sleep it deserves.
    Wow, I feel like I did get a lot accomplished in February, despite all my travel!  March is half over, and also a pretty busy month, but if I don't write them down, my goals won't happen, so here they are!

    Sewing & Quilting

    1. Start working on athletic wardrobe plan. 
    2. Sew SOI Pussy Bow blouse out of cream lightweight crepe.
    3. Finish Hounds and Howl quilt (piece border, finish flimsy, piece back, sandwich, quilt & bind).
    4. Finish piecing the flimsy for the Garden quilt (and come up with a better name for it!!).
    5. Make a pillowcase for Deklan.
    6. Make a sleepsack for Baby Girl.

    Knitting & Spinning

    1. Finish the orange baby sweater.
    2. Finish Kettle Valley handspun shawl.
    3. Finish Noro No. 9 cowl.
    4. Finish Deklan's Maple Leaf Cardigan.
    5. Continue spinning daily for 15 minutes.


    1. Finish reading Kindred by Octavia Butler.
    2. Choose the next fiction read.
    3. Finish 9 Minutes on Monday by James Robbins.
    4. Start The 5 Minute Rule by Mel Robbins.  (Interesting - I just realized the two authors' last names were the same!)
    Health & Fitness

    1. Continue with the cycling training program, get back on track and be on the bike 3-4 times per week.
    2. Continue with the goal of being in bed by 10, lights out at 10:30.
    3. Include stretching into my fitness program with yoga and classical stretch, 3x/week
    4. Journal and meditate daily for 10 minutes.
    Whew, that seems like a lot, but I'm confident I can crush them!

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    1. I’m encouraged to write down my goals after reading yours. If they get done: Great! If not, there’s tomorrow! And yes, I’m enjoying the Bruno series, I’m already into an electronic version of book 2...